Smits van Burgst Group

The group consists of a number of affiliated companies, from which the first Smits van Burgst bv started in 1946 and got it’s formal structure in 1948.
Security consulting has been embedded in the affiliated company Smits van Burgst Beveiliging bv.

In 1999 the ICT department of Smits van Burgst has gained independency and continued under the company name Admea bv.

Activities in the field of maintenance management are embedded in the affiliated company Smits van Burgst Beheer en Onderhoud bv in 2004.

The Smits van Burgst Group acts as a total consultant for comparatively small up to very large projects, in The Netherlands as well as in various European countries. Besides Smits van Burgst is advising and participating in international cooperations. Smits van Burgst takes part in First Q, an international engineering company.

Smits van Burgst handles the following consulting services:

        Building Services
        Maintenance Management
        Studies and analysis

        Project Management



Smits van Burgst has offices in Zoetermeer and Oosterhout.