Maintenance management


Technical installations often are valuable capital goods, which require considerable investments. Therefore it is important, that these installations are getting the proper attention during their lifecycle. Experience shows, that correct and systematic maintenance can extend the life span of an installation considerably and reduce the expenses related to the technical installations substantially.

Smits van Burgst has recognized the importance of maintenance and has formed a Maintenance Management department. The activities include almost all aspects in the area of maintenance management including:

  • inventory analysis, inspections, long-range cost projections;
  • evaluations or invitations for tenders;
  • maintenance management and supervision;
  • energy audits and second opinions;
  • inspections of boilers and climate installations, within the scope of EPBD and EPA-U;
  • organization consults and supply of human resources for technical departments.

With Smits van Burgst Beheer en Onderhoud, Smits van Burgst (in addition to the added value in the design process) shows her professional commitment, to building use and the installations inside.