Fire safety

The following services are part of our daily activities:

  • Consultancy regarding "besluit brandveilig gebruik bouwwerken en bouwbesluit"
  • Consultancy certification process
  • Commissioning / cost control
  • Integrale approach fire safety
  • Audits

A fire safe building is determined by an integral approach when applying the regulations.

Our fire safety consultants are specialized in "het besluit brandveilig gebruik bouwwerken" and can assist you by providing structure in the regulation labyrinth. We urge you to include us in the beginning of the design process, this way changes are still possible thus maximizing potential savings.


Fire safety regulations are very strict for new and existing buildings. Owners and users of the building are themselves responsible for a compliant building, but regulations are not easily understood. It is very important that the fire safety is organized correctly en is compliant with the regulations. Smits van Burgst fire consultant can help.