Building simulation

During the design process many factors are invisible. In many cases these are factors concerning energy, security and sense of comfort. These aspects are (among others):

  • energy saving potential when using sustainable energy sources;
  • smoke distribution during fire;
  • workable climate.

With the current state of technology it is possible to get an understanding of these factors, by means of computer simulations. Smits van Burgst selected various simulation packages and combined those in a simulation toolbox. This toolbox contains advanced software; such as CFD (Computional Fluid Dynamics), by which, for instance, it is possible to trace air currents. By means of CFD it is possible for example to give a detailed understanding of the expected sense of comfort in buildings.

Smits van Burgst has a separate department for the execution of building simulations. This department combines modelling, simulation and building services engineering.

Smits van Burgst acts as the Competence Centre for building simulation for First Q.