Building Security

Safety and security play an important role in our current society. In the past security has been identified with objects as prisons, nuclear plants, banks and museums. The future indicates that more and more organisations will have to take safety and security into account in their daily activities. Moreover the feeling of security plays an important role in the appraisal of the work climate.

Security is risk control. This is the slogan on which Smits van Burgst Beveiliging bases its security consults.

Risk control requires an integrated treatment in which policy, organisation, technique and culture are areas which require special attention to ensure a consistent high quality level.

Important points of interest in the security philosophy of Smits van Burgst are:

  • the primary process of the organisation is the starting point;
  • logistics and functional area use is the basis for taking measures;
  • technical solutions are supportive to the organisation;
  • security is a ongoing process;
  • set-up and development of security quality forms a main point.

Smits van Burgst Beveiliging looks after the route from risk analysis to implementation and management. The complete design of the technical components but also the development of organisation, procedures and instructions are taken into account.