Smits van Burgst participates in the Dutch Green Building Council and employs certified BREEAM-NL Experts and Assessors. BREEAM is short for Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method and was originally developed and introduced by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), an English research company.

The additional NL indicates that this version of BREEAM is suitable for the Dutch market. BREEAM defines a standard for a sustainable building and determines the level of performance. The goal of the assessment is to analyse and enhance the building. An evidence-based scoring system is used and the results are weighted according to predefined rules. As a result, the building is awarded on a scale of 1 to 5 stars (Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent or Outstanding).

BREEAM's assessment methods can be used for three types of buildings/projects.

  • New buildings. This assessment method is available since September 2009 and is used to determine the sustainable performance of ne buildings. The first buildings have been certified in 2010.
  • Existing buildings. In this method, existing buildings are rated with respect to the building physics, utilization and management.
  • Sustainable integrated area development. This quality mark involves the sustainability performance of the development area and is still being developed.

BREEAM Assessment

The certification of a building according to BREEAM begins with registering the project at the Dutch Green Building Council. After that, the BREEAM Expert collects the relevant information and provides detailed support to the client with respect to sustainability.

The information provided by the BREEAM Expert is processed by the BREEAM Assessor who determines the rating of the building and the client will receive a BREEAM certificate. To guarantee the independency of the qualification it is not allowed for an Expert to be an Assessor for the same project. The quality of the Experts and Assessors is controlled by the Dutch Green building Council using random checks and providing extra training.