Just as consumer products like white goods and cars, a energy performance label is required for buildings since January 1st 2008. This is, for example, the case for buildings with a floor area exceeding 1000 m2. The performance label is to be handed over when the building is sold, leased or being rebuilt. The label indicates the energy efficiency of the building and provides insight in the CO2 emission.


The energy performance label can be obtained by hiring a certified consultant. Smits van Burgst was one of the first certified companies in the Netherlands. This means that Smits van Burgst is authorized to issue a energy performance label according to the Dutch BRL 9500-3 and -4. Smits van Burgst cooperates with SECN (Stichting EPA Constultants Nederland). Because of this cooperation, energy performance advice is provided throughout the Netherlands. Not only does the company need to be certified, the energy performance label can only be issued by employees who are personally certified as well.

Detailed energy performance analysis

The energy performance label indicates the physical quality of your office building. During the calculation the theoretical energy consumption of the building is used. According to that data global energy saving measures will be proposed. If you want to know what those measures mean for the energy performance label of the building (i.e. CO2 emissions) a detailed analysis can be made based on the current energy consumption. The results of this analysis lead to another, more specific, set of energy saving measures which are subjected to a feasibility analysis.